Meet Team Touchet


Johnny grew up in the New Orleans area of Louisiana as the son of Catholic Cajuns who spoke English for the first time in the 4th grade.  Johnny received his BA from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and his Masters in preaching from Master’s Divinity School.  He began his ministry as a Biblical Counselor at age 37.  He has served as a youth gus-photo-309pastor, associate pastor and then as a senior pastor.  He has served as a regional mentor for the International Association of Biblical Counselors and as a trustee at Southern Seminary in Louisville.  His secular background is in grocery store management.  He completed his 14th year of pastoring Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Easley, SC before moving to Uganda in July 2017.  His dual passions are evangelism and Biblical counseling.  He loves pastors and training them lends itself to exponential influence in churches and their communities.  Johnny has had the opportunity to serve in missions to Ecuador, Costa Rica, Russia, Romania, Trinidad, and Uganda.  The first day he set foot in Uganda, he knew he was called to be there.






Kerry grew up in a Southern Baptist home and attended church every time the doors were open.  As a young adult, she worked as an office administrator, including bookkeeping and tax preparation. Paper is her friend.  She has spent the last 25 years home educating 6 children and has spent the last few years training to be a midwife and birth doula.  She loves herbal teas and home remedies and appreciates God’s provision for life and Godliness. Psalms and Proverbs are her daily bread.  She self-published a book to share with her fellow wives in ministry, The Minister’s Wife:  From Surviving to Thriving.  Children are her heartbeat.


Savannah (23) trained to be a dental assistant.  She has the gift of service. She spends most of her days tutoring the children at the orphanage, and her investment in their lives has shown such a change in them. She serves her family and siblings at every turn.  She has been nicknamed the Cinderella of the family.  Thankfully, she serves with joy and she is affectionately known as mom and dad’s favorite….and everyone else’s!  She loves to read and write.  She is going to Uganda to take care of “the team”.

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Hannah (20) is the diva and the baby girl of the family. You will see her walking on her tiptoes even when she is barefoot. She uses her gift of photojournalism to capture images of life in Africa to share with everyone back home. Hannah has a heart for helping children in the refugee camp have access to education







Jonathan (16) is the only boy and youngest child in the Touchet family. He has survived this all girl family and so far the girls have survived him although the road is often rough.  He should make a good husband…. one day…. because he knows girls well.  He is good with computers and loves teasing and fighting and all things military and survival.  But, he has a gift…loving kids who need love and watching after his mom.



I N T R O D U C I N G   T H E   H O M E    T E A M



Natraj and Sara, Johnny and Kerry’s oldest daughter and her husband, are part of the home team. They manage the website, social media, and other stateside needs.


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Hank and Gerry Ann, Johnny and Kerry’s third daughter and her husband, are part of the home team. Located in Easley SC, they organize supplies and material donations stateside.










Rachel, last member of the home team, trained in cosmetology, worked in the hotel and service industry and then became an insurance agent.  She ultimately found her gold mine in recruiting for manufacturing companies.  She is the go getter type, always fighting for the underdog.